art_works Program

Prentiss House partners with art_works to support the local artist community and source art from local artists. art_works drives the creative economy by building bridges between artists and companies, brands, and individuals. Visit to learn more about the mission of art_works and the role of art in driving social change

 Image Credits: 
Soyoung L. Kim, Standing On Foreign Land, 2019. Print on archival paper. 15 x 20 inches. © Soyoung L. Kim.

Cicely Carew, Fête, 2018. Print on archival paper. 20 x 15 inches. © Cicley Carew. 

Lizzy Dargie, Navy/Blue from Bunch #6, 2016. Print on archival paper. 8.5 x 18 inches. © Lizzy Dargie. 

Jodi Colella, Don’t Pick on Sam Too Much, 2018; Back Where We Started, 2018. You Caught My Eye, 2018. Embroidery, found postcards, assorted threads. 7 x 9 inches each. © Jodi Colella.